For Businesses

Evanston is uniquely positioned as one of the few places in the world with equal claim to big time business and small town charm. With all of the conveniences of a major metropolitan city, a thriving economy, a leading university, and an historic legacy, Evanston is home to more than 70,000 individuals from every walk of life. Our community is diverse, talented, and we know the importance of supporting the local economy! People want to live in Evanston. People want to work in Evanston. People want to buy in Evanston

So what makes Evanston so special? What is in the secret sauce? 

The arts. For over a century, Evanston’s creative culture has served as a critical thread in the fabric of the our community. The arts enhance economic development, spur urban renewal, attract new businesses, create jobs, draw tourism dollars, and foster an environment that attracts skilled and educated workers. Nationally, the arts and culture industry generates $135.2 billion in economic activity every year. Could your business benefit from some of that revenue?

The connection between the arts and local economic vitality is indisputable. Partnerships between the arts and private sector can:

  • Improve a community's competitive edge.
  • Visually define a sense of place.
  • Attract new and visiting populations.
  • Promote diversity of thought and self-expression.
  • Integrate the visions of community and business leaders.
  • Facilitate a open communication from a variety of perspectives.
  • Contribute to the development of a skilled workforce.

C3 works to strengthen partnerships between artists/designers/creatives and businesses, promoting Evanston's time-honored arts tradition while strengthening the local economy.

Do you want to be a part of Evanston’s rich legacy of supporting the arts? Do you want to use your business to display artistic and creative work? Do you want to use the arts to drive new business? 

We thought so.

Get on board. Take the survey. Attend a meeting. Get in touch. We want to hear from you!