Are you an artist looking for an opportunity to show your work? Do you want to reach a new audience? Are you looking to increase your circle of buyers and supporters? Are you open to the concept of showing your work in non-traditional spaces? If so, we want to hear from you!

Here in Evasnton, there is a time-honored tradition of small-businesses supporting the creative culture. Everyone has heard of the coffee shop that allows local artists to hang paintings on the wall, but have you heard about the Fortune 100 company that allows local artists to host holiday pop-up shops in their lobby? Have you heard about the award-winning restaurant that sets aside floor space for live painting events on Friday nights? Have you heard about the fashionable boutique that hires up-and-coming musicians to play their trunk shows for neighborhood artisans? If not, you need to come hang out with us. This is Evanston. We know how to party in style.

Yes, we also have galleries, an impressive arts-center, several museums, and a month-long arts festival every June. Yes, it’s pretty awesome. But as C3, our purpose is to partner local creatives and the private sector. Fact: a thriving artistic culture is a magnet for visitors and new business. Our local leaders know this. Let us help partner you with Evanston business owners and operators. Let us help you promote your work. And yes, let us help make you money. A rising tide raises all ships. Let’s do this together!

Start out with our survey for artists. Attend a meeting. Come to our events. Get in touch!